Company Overview

Pericle was founded in 1992 by Jay Jacobsmeyer and Bob Street with the mission of providing wireless engineering services and developing products for the commercial wireless industry. The intellectual property related to commercial products was spun off into a separate firm in 2000 and the company continued to grow its engineering services business.

Customers include public safety agencies, wireless operators, transportation agencies, broadcasters, antenna site owners and public utilities. Much of our recent work involves interference hunting and resolution which is essential to the efficient operation of modern cell sites. Other work includes RFP preparation, coverage modeling, drive test measurements, microwave path prediction, bench testing of land mobile radios, intellectual property investigations, traffic engineering and radio frequency exposure measurements. We have a significant investment in electronic test equipment and engineering software to help us provide these services. Pericle also develops custom software applications to solve customer problems when off-the-shelf software is not available or is inadequate.