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Pericle develops wireless products for U.S. Government applications. Most of these products are either custom or are adapted from previous versions. Please direct your product inquiries to Mr. Bryan Petch, Senior Engineer, (719) 548-1811,

Datasheets for our StoneCutter balloon receiver and ground station are found below:

Consulting Products

Certain services result in products in the form of analysis or measurement reports. These consulting products include Coverage Measurement Reports, DAS System Design Studies, Coverage Prediction Studies, RF Exposure Studies, Subscriber Radio Measurements, Co-Site Interference Studies, Broadcast Proof of Performance Studies, Ground System Design & Measurement, Microwave Path Studies and AM Pattern Studies. Examples of some of these consulting products are found in the links below:

  • Coverage Measurement Report. This report summarizes a coverage study performed for RTD to determine the feasibility of using the existing State of Colorado Digital Trunked Radio System (DTRS), a Motorola P25 network.
  • Coverage Prediction Report. This report is Pericle’s deliverable to the State of Vermont for the wireless broadband mapping project. Both measurements and coverage predictions are summarized in this report.
  • AM Pattern Study. Wireless carriers install hundreds of new cell towers each year and the FCC requires that these towers not interfere with the pattern of existing AM broadcast antenna arrays. This report is one of several hundred studies we prepared for Qwest Wireless (now Sprint) as the company was building out its wireless network.
  • Ground System Study. This report summarizes the design and measurement of a large grounding system for a broadcast transmitter building on Cheyenne Mountain.
  • RF Exposure Study. This report is a RF Safety Plan for a large antenna site to ensure compliance with FCC rules for RF exposure.